Turn Product Reviews into a Smarter Shopping Experience

Leverage user generated content to help shoppers find the products that best fit their needs

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Enhance the customer journey from discovery to purchase

Aspectiva’s AI solution automatically surfaces what people say about any product in any category and enables shoppers to make informed decisions and buy with confidence.

Product Page

Product reviews are analyzed and visualized to provide shoppers with at-a-glance, attribute-based product insights enabling them to confidently advance to checkout.

Product Recommendations

Dynamic product suggestions are personalized to visitor’s intent. In case a shopper encounters an aspect that doesn’t rate high enough, Aspectiva automatically suggests alternative recommended products that score well for that aspect.

Category & Search Results Page

By automatically surfacing product attributes from customer opinions for any category or product search results, Aspectiva adds a new unique data layer to product filtering, enabling shoppers to search and filter products by the attributes they care about most.


Augment the in-store experience with attribute-based product recommendations, providing shoppers with a knowledgeable in-store assistant as they shop.

Product Comparison

Provide shoppers with a smart, multi-dimensional, attribute-based product comparison of any group of products based on a deep analysis of people’s opinions, to help shoppers reach a buying decision.

Instant Benefits

Convert more visitors to customers
At-a-glance insights that enable your shoppers to buy with confidence
Engage customers with a personalized experience
Keep shoppers on your site
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