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What People Think...Car Seats

For any new parent, buying the right equipment for their newborn is of utmost importance and can involve hours of research, reading and speaking to friends for their opinions. Top of that list of baby products needed is the car seat.

In the US alone 10 million car seats are purchased every year. By 2020 the car seat market is expected to exceed $2 billion – 4.93% annual growth from 2014-2019.

Finding the perfect car seat for your family can be difficult, especially as shoppers might be looking for something specific that is not obviously highlighted in the research. Is it easy to install? Is it lightweight? Does it have a cup holder? From safety to look, parents are considering many aspects when making the important investment of a seat to house their young child. That’s why the data scientists at Aspectiva were interested in uncovering what shoppers thought about the hundreds of car seats available on the market.

We analyzed over 40,000 opinions to uncover what buyers of car seats really thought about their purchase.


Shoppers rated the Graco Affix High Back Booster Seat as best for how easy it is to install. Over 2,000 people reviewed the seat overall with many focusing on the easy installation.

The Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat Base and the Evenflo AMP High Back Booster Car Seat (Sprocket) were also reviewed highly for installation with over 100 positive opinions for these products.


Shoppers had lots to say about the condition, ease of use and comfort when discussing car seat straps. The product that was reviewed as best for straps was Evenflo’s Symphony LX All-In-One Convertible Car Seat (Crete). Online reviews for this car seat included “the shoulder straps are very easy to adjust” and “easy to adjust backrest and straps”.

Cosco’s Apt 50 Black Arrows also ranked highly for the quality and use of their car straps. The car seat also ranked well for its price and the fit of its cover.


Having a baby can be an expensive time. As well as wanting the best for their children, shoppers are also looking for good value – especially when shopping online. Evenflo’s AMP High Back Booster Car Seat (Sprocket) – which also featured in the top 3 for installation – was ranked by shoppers as being the best value for money with one shoppers comments of “great value for the price” best summarizing the bulk of feedback.

Products from the car seat manufacturer Evenflo scored highly for great value by online shoppers as the second and third car seats in this category were also their products. The Evenflo Tribute Sport Convertible Car Seat (Gunther) and the Evenflo Chase Select Floral Convertible Booster Seat were both seen as excellent value for money by online shoppers.


For parents of older children, reviews of booster seats – recommended for children of approx. 4 years and up – are also useful and here too the Aspectiva analysts uncovered many online opinions.

The Evenflo AMP LX No Back Booster Car Seat (Hayden) was ranked as the best overall for booster seats. Shoppers who bought this product also commented on its great color and design.

Clek’s Olli Backless Booster Seat came second in the list of most popular booster seats. The product’s latch system was also rated positively from amongst the over 300 opinions we gathered. Graco’s No Back Turbo Booster Car Seat rounded off the top 3 of best booster seats.

Just in case you were wondering which car seat product was rated as having the best cup holder…that would be the Graco Affix Backless Youth Booster Seat with Latch System (Sailor). Over 70 opinions were collected, specifically about this products cupholders, with all of them positive about this feature.

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