About Us

Using Artificial Intelligence technologies, Aspectiva analyzes consumer opinions, turning them into comprehensive and valuable insights, helping eCommerce visitors make informed decisions and resulting in increased online conversion rates.

Our Story

Aspectiva was founded in 2013 by Ezra Daya and Eyal Hurwitz, both of whom were frustrated by the online search for products and services to meet their specific needs, whether they were trying to find a kid-friendly hotel near Times Square or a laptop best for Gaming. Turning to customer reviews for advice, they were only left more confused by the massive amount of customer opinions that were oftentimes irrelevant to their own personal concerns. Ezra and Eyal found, however, that by analyzing consumer opinions and extracting insights with their innovative technology, they could personalize search results and revolutionize the online retail space! Thus, Aspectiva was born.

Management Team

Ezra Daya
Co-Founder & CEO
Ezra brings extensive experience in leading successful initiatives from the level of abstract technological ideas to large-scale business solutions that provide significant value to users. Prior to founding Aspectiva, Ezra managed the global Text Analytics group at NICE Systems. He holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science and is the owner of publications and patents in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Eyal Hurwitz
Co-Founder & CTO
Eyal has extensive industrial and academic experience in the NLP and Text Analytics fields. Prior to founding Aspectiva, Eyal served as a senior scientist in NICE Systems and led innovative initiatives in the company, including international research collaborations. Eyal holds an M.Sc. in logic from the University of Amsterdam and is the owner of patents and publications in the field.
Yoad Arad
Co-Founder & VP Business Development
Yoad joins Aspectiva with more than 15 years of experience in global sales and strategic business development. Prior to Aspectiva Yoad held senior sales roles at Clicktale, where he spearheaded strategic Enterprise sales with top Fortune 500 companies, McAfee (Intel Security) and ECI. Yoad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Communications from the Hebrew University.
Eric Rabinovich
VP Engineering
Eric Rabinovich brings 19 years of results-driven experience in technology and problem solving. Prior to joining Aspectiva, Eric led and mentored engineering teams and future leaders as VP of Engineering at Sears Israel, and built a working environment that had people love coming to work every morning.
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