Our unique Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology robustly and automatically analyzes massive amounts of user-generated content and opinions, producing decision-making insights and buying recommendations to help shoppers find the best products for their needs and buy with confidence.

How It Works

Applying deep Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Aspectiva’s proprietary technology surfaces what people say about any product in any vertical and understands what they feel about each specific product attribute. Aspectiva automatically identifies all product attributes shoppers talk about by analyzing massive volumes of user generated content. Enriched with deep sentiment analysis, Aspectiva provides shoppers actionable insights enabling them to search, discover and engage with the products that best fit their specific needs.


Aspectiva’s state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing algorithms robustly process unstructured data in any domain and automatically provide accurate, multidimensional, high-resolution analyses leading to actionable insights.

Deep Natural Language Understanding

Understanding if a sentiment is positive or negative in context
“low quality” vs. “low price”
Understanding sentiment from basic factual descriptions
“The headset falls out of my ears.”
“The Roomba cleans under the bed.”
Distinguishing sentiment from contextual descriptions
“It’s great for difficult corners.”
“I have terrible allergies, and this cream works like magic.“
Understanding Negation
“How can you not enjoy the beautiful sea”
“I don’t think Windows 8 plays nice with this hardware”

Technology Highlights

Unique Technology
Advanced NLP and Machine Learning technologies. The only provider of fully automatic, text-driven, user-generated-content analysis.
Compatibility for any Category
From electronic products to furniture, home appliances, software, apps, hotels, restaurants and any other vertical
High-Resolution Analysis
Fully automatic identification of product aspects, going far beyond existing product specs and descriptions and understanding how people experienced the product
Smart Product Rankings
Rank products in any category by any aspect and provide recommendations for any shopper’s intent
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